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Every organisation knows the importance of a hybrid workplace, an office designed to provide employees with various spaces and ways to work. When office workers can choose where to work on specific tasks, their productivity increases.

Office meeting pods, work pods and phone booths fit perfectly into the hybrid workplace model. There may be private work booths for video conferencing and calls or assigned desks for employees who work better with a dedicated space. Pods and booths are flexible, giving staff acoustic rooms for various tasks that require focus or privacy. Combining these benefits deems them a superb investment for any forward-thinking business.

Office Flexibility

Do you recall the old office layout with desk dividers and floor-standing screens to divide space? Whilst helping to define the workspace and provide privacy, they needed to allow more flexibility. Agile, flexible offices require furniture solutions that can reconfigure quickly and cost-effectively to meet staff needs and the changing office landscape.

Office Pods provide workers with rooms of various sizes for many tasks, be it a meeting pod for four or face-to-face meetings for two and focused work areas for one. They can be installed quickly, without the need for planning permission and disruptive contractors to build rooms. The other great benefit of using pods instead of building walls is that there won’t be any dilapidation costs at the end of your lease.

If you need to reconfigure your workplace, pods can be moved as they are unfixed and only require two to four fitters over a weekend.

Drive Productivity

The office soundscape includes all types of distractions. The most disruptive for workers is noise — distracting anyone from concentrating on tasks or conference calls. When you think of a traditional call centre, you might recall the numerous voices the caller has to compete within the background. It certainly can’t be suitable for the stress levels of any caller!

For efficiency and productivity, the optimal working environment has to be provided. That means providing spaces suitable for privacy and collaboration where and when required. With open-plan offices being the norm among businesses, they could be better for concentration. Hence, implementing zoning areas like meeting pods and booths allows everyone to undertake tasks without disruption.

Enclosed office pods provide confidential calls or video conference spaces when concentration is required. Soundproofed office pods ensure both users’ speech privacy while the caller doesn’t disturb the office. The Kolo Duo Meeting Pods ensure privacy and confidentiality for two people to sit in during essential video calls, private calls and webinars.

If you’re after a larger room-in-room solution, modular meeting room pods made to size enable four or more people to have confidential meetings. Having a customised pods means you can have an enclosed private space made to measure and specification for the task required.

Regardless of the office pod’s purpose, you can rest knowing any task within the office pod will remain private and undisturbed without drawing attention away from the rest of the office.

Benefits and Cost-effectiveness

By choosing ideal office pods above walls, your organisation can benefit financially. Office pods don’t require planning permission or lengthy construction work; once installed, it’s plug-and-play. All pods feature integrated lighting, air circulation, power and data connections — once they’re installed, your staff can step inside and jump onto that important call!

The modularity of office pods means you can quickly move them when required. As most pods are unfixed, contractors are not needed on site, which means your facilities team or fitters can be called in to move the pods around.

Investing in your employees’ well-being can increase resilience, improve employee engagement, reduce sickness absence and higher performance. The increase in productivity can only mean a greater return on investment for your business.

Boost focus and wellbeing

The well-being of your staff means a happier and more productive workforce. With the rise of human-centric office spaces, more offices are implementing relaxation and prayer spaces for their staff.

Modular and unfurnished pods allow companies to provide private and soundproofed rooms for various well-being spaces. Some pods feature adjustable ventilation and dimmable or mood lighting so that users can set the atmosphere.

Did you know studies have shown that blue and green can create a calming atmosphere, while purple can boost creativity and productivity? Now, most pods allow some or other customisation, and one benefit is being able to choose the upholstery. All pods made to order offer a range of fabrics to choose from to create your ideal space.

Pods are Long Term Solutions

The future of work is fluid, so it makes sense to design offices to be flexible and keep up with the changes. The office pod provides a long-term furniture solution that can be packed up and taken with the business.

Let’s say, for instance, an organisation has designed an office with glazed partitioning. Their business expands quicker than anticipated, and they need to relocate to a larger office. Most of the time, glazed partitioning can only be used again if the ceiling height is the same as the old office. Having an office pod solution instead of glazing means it can be packed up, moved, and placed in the new location immediately.

That means no refurbishment, no planning permission and no construction. That’s a massive cost saving. The office pods has fast become an essential element of the modern office.